Edward Z. Yang

Fifth year PhD student at Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012
University of Cambridge 2011 (CME)
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I am a fourth year PhD student at Stanford advised by David Mazières and John Mitchell. I am a proud member of the Secure Computer Systems group. I'm interested in applying operating system mechanisms (hardware isolation, dynamic resource limits) to the design and construction of programming languages, and vice versa (type systems, formal verification, information flow control). I'm a big fan of Haskell, a non-strict purely functional language.

(I use a ThinkPad X61 Tablet. Find me on freenode as ezyang, or on Strava, Stack Overflow, Wikipedia, Tripit, Reddit, LinkedIn, Mendeley.)

Recent publications and pre-prints


CS242 Programming Languages
Basic concepts and design tradeoffs related to programming languages. The first half of the course focuses on functions, types, scope, storage management, exceptions, and continuations. The second half covers object-oriented features and concurrency. Concludes with a few special-topics in programming languages.
  • Fall 2015
  • Fall 2014, co-taught with Deian Stefan
  • Fall 2013, co-taught with Deian Stefan
  • This class was taught previously by John Mitchell and Steve Cooper.

What do I do in my free time?

Some projects I'm associated with...

Metro Maps
of the News
a visual metaphor for interconnected story lines
(joint work with Dafna Shahaf, Russell Chou and Jacob Jensen)
hp/D3.js an interactive GHC heap profile pastebin
Logitext an interactive textbook for teaching the sequent calculus
COWL a confinement system for the web
GHC a compiler for the functional language Haskell
HTML Purifier a standards compliant HTML filter
Wizard a distributed autoinstall management system
CSRF Magic automatic protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery
Monad.Reader a magazine about all things Haskell
(I’m editor: send me a note if you want to write something!)